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Alive in 417 Merovech was a Sicambrian chieftain. Merovech, also spelled Merovee and Meroveus was a semi-supernatural figure who has achieved an almost myth-like quality. His name is similar to both the French word for 'mother', as well as both the Latin and French words for 'sea'.

According to tradition, Merovech was born of two fathers. When already with child from King Clodio (Merovech's father), his mother went swimming in the ocean. While in the water she was either seduced or raped (depending on the story) by an unknown marine creature, a "bestea Neptuni Quinotauri similis", a 'beast of Neptune similar to a Quinotaur'. This creature impregnated the Queen a second time. When Merovech was born he had two different bloods running through him; the blood of the Frankish rulers and that of an aquatic creature.

The Quinotaur by Sir Francis Dashwood

This image of the Quinotaur was sketched in the 18th century by Sir Francis Dashwood, founder of the Hellfire Club.

It is by virtue of this dual blood that Merovech was said to have various superhuman powers. The whole Merovingian Dynasty was wrought with an aura of magic, sorcery and the supernatural. They were compared to Merlin, and often called 'the sorcerer kings' or 'thaumaturge kings'. They were reputed to be able to heal by laying on of hands, and had clairvoyant as well as telepathic powers. They were also rumoured to have a spell which promoted longevity (although history seems to disprove this).

Merovingian Genealogical Tree
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